Track based modes represent the most modern way of transportation for both locals and those visiting Athens. The metro, the tram, the urban and the suburban railway constantly expand and upgrade their network, providing the means for a fast and safe transportation from one end of the city to the other to hundreds of thousands of passengers on a daily basis.

Interbus has both the experience and the know-how to take full advantage of the multiple advertising means offered by track based modes. Our aim is to cover the increasing demand by companies from all sectors to run advertising campaigns in the trains and the stations of track based modes.

Campaigns organized by Interbus in track based modes guarantee the advertisers a wide range of benefits, such as powerful impact, direct interaction, no clutter, high frequency of appearance, mobility, dynamic presence, modern design and exposure, maximum promotion and visibility, large advertising surfaces, clear and unique advertising messages.

Advertise in the following track based modes


Since 2000 almost 500.000 passengers use the metro and its stations every day, both of which offer all kinds of enterprises a wide range of modern and high impact advertising means.

Metro Advertising


Following its dynamic comeback in 2004, the tram added yet another reliable track based mode in the capital and at the same time became a coveted option for targeted advertising campaigns.

Tram Advertising

Urban Railway

With a historical background of more than a century, the urban railway remains a popular transportation mode and advertising mean, since it caters to the needs of almost 400.000 passengers daily.

Urban Railway Advertising

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